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Late Shri Bhausaheb Nene

It was a long desire of Pen Education Society to open a senior college in Pen city to fulfill the needs of deserving students to pursue higher studies, and the Science faculty was in a great demand. On 13th July 1990 the Society got permission to run a senior college from the government. The Society took a courageous decision and started the senior college on no-grant basis. All three faculties namely Arts Science and Commerce were started.  
Hon. Vilasrao Deshmukh, the late MLA Kazi Sahib, and many other persons in various capacities were helpful in seeking permission to go ahead.

Running an institution on no-grant basis is a vary difficult hurdle to negotiate, but surprisingly many helping hands from different strata of society extended their generous help to undertake this Herculean task. Initially there were about 200 students, and it is noteworthy that they faithfully remained with the college in adverse times. To further deteriorate the already difficult situation, some disgruntled element dragged the Society to the court, but with courage the Society, under the able leadership of Hon. President  Bapusaheb Nene overcame all the litigations. Supreme Court decided that we were right after all, and the road ahead was a bit smoother.

Later in 1998-1999  the college was permitted to conduct courses in all the three faculties—Arts, Science and Commerce—for which the college was entitled to receive grants.

In due course classes for a post-graduate course—M. Com. of University of Mumbai—were opened. Some time later another course—MBA of YCMOU, Nashik—was added to the repertoire.

The college got permanent affiliation from Mumbai University and it also received a 2(f)  & 12(b) status of the UGC. New courses were started as the students were seeking admission to different faculties. The college is also active in sports, cultural activities and the NSS.  The students are performing better and better in many other fields as well as in the academic field.

The college received a development grant of Rs.10 lakh under Young College Scheme of the UGC in 2006-2007. It is on the path of development and is in the process of catering to the needs of local students from the rural area.

On The 10th Feb 2002 the college was renamed as PES BHAUSAHEB NENE ARTS, SCIENCE & COMMERCE COLLEGE, PEN to remember the great freedom fighter and ex-president of Pen Education Society, Shri Narayan Yashavant alias Bhausaheb Nene.

Today the number of students has grown above 1200.





  Shri. D. S. Karve  19 June 1990 to 23 Oct 1993
  Principal in-charge - Dr. S. B. Dhararp  23 Oct 1993   to  22 Nov 1996
  I/C Principal S. S. Gurav  23 Nov. 1996  to  31 March 1997
  Shri. A. D. Vanjari  From 01 Apr 1997  onwards

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Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff   2006-07

Male Female
Teaching 25  5
Non-teaching 13  2

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National Service Scheme

The NSS unit is very good and is always ready to work for common people. Under this scheme blood donation camps have been collecting blood for the last 16 years and so far the college has donated over 1000 bottles of blood.
More than 300 students participate in different activities organized by the the NSS unit for development of rural  people and community. The impact of the activities is as follows:

  • The motto of NSS is 'NOT ME BUT YOU'. 
  • Our college unit works on same motto and engage in various activities with the help of Rotary Club, CASP and other NGOs.
  • Activities involved are 
    • Youth for Hariyali.
    • Health Awareness.
    • De-addiction.
    • Watershed development.
    • Polio Immunization Campaign conducted every year.
  • Collected Kargil Relief Fund Rs.10000.
  • Collected Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund Rs.25000.
  • Our college organizes 10 day residential camp every year for development of villages.
  • Involved actively in state level, national level camps as and when conducted by appropriate authorities.
  • Prof. M. H. Salunke received 'Best NSS Program Officer Award' of Mumbai University.
  • Prof. S. R. Kanhekar received 'Best NSS Program Officer Award' of Mumbai University for Rural Based College.
  • Our unit received 'Best Unit Award' of Mumbai University for Rural Based College.

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Details of the participation of students during the last few years at the university-level,
 state-level, regional, national & international meets.

1 2001-02

Mr. Kiran  P. Patil

National Kabaddi
2 2002-03

Miss Shubhangi K. Patil

State Kho-Kho
3 2002-03

Miss.Shubhangi K. Patil

National Kho-Kho
4 2003-04

Miss Ashwini P. Sathe

National Kho-Kho
5 2003-04

Miss Shubhangi K. Patil

National Kho-Kho
6 2003-04

Miss Alaka L. Divekar

National Kho-Kho
7 2004-05

Mr. Hanumant Pawar

Gold Medal in Wrestling Mumbai University


1 2001-02 Kho Kho (Women) Bronze Medal of Mumbai University
2 2002-03 Kho Kho (Women) Bronze Medal of Mumbai University
3 2003-04 Kho Kho (Women) Silver Medal of Mumbai University

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Police Recruitment Training Camp

The college organized a free-of-cost police training camp from 1/11/06 to 10/11/06. In this training programme written tests, ground tests, interviews and  guest lectures etc. were organized. Prof. R. V. Gore worked as a co-ordinator for this training programme.


Summer Sports Coaching Camp
The college organized a summer in association with CASP (an NGO), Raigad unit,  Pen in the month of April 2004.  The objective of the camp was to create awareness of  sports and the physical fitness among kids and youngsters. More than 300 participants in the age group 8 to 16 years participated in the camp. 30 coaches from different fields provided coaching to the participants. The different events included in the camp were Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, volleyball, athletics, Malkhamb, Yoga, Sarvang Sunder Vyayam and Gayatri Mantra etc.

Entirely free coaching plus daily nutrition, sports wear were provided by the organizers.  The activity was carried in two sessions. i.e. morning and evening,  for 8 days, five best campers were awarded with certificates and trophies.  Prof. R. V. Gore worked as the co-ordinator of the camp and Mrs. H. A. Sawant assisted him.


Gandharv Yuvostav
The college organized a district-level cultural competition for the first time in Raigad district. This was a unique activity in the district like Raigad. The finance for this event was collected from various sponsors. Prof. Dr. S. B. Dharap was in charge of Gandharva Yuvotsav. Over 250 students from Raigad district participated in the this youth festival.


The college in association with Pen Education Society organized a cultural programme. It was very successful as the college was able to raise a fund of Rs. 20000, which was utilized to purchase books, floodlights, carpet for general use.


RISE 2002
Raigad District Industrial Socio Economic Survey - It was conducted as a part of extension activities of the college. Prof. S. B. Dharap initiated this activity and under his guidance 40 students from science faculty participated in this survey. They visited various industries and educational institutions in Raigad district and collected information on the basis of questionnaires provided. This exercise provided students to develop their own communication skills, which is a very important part of personality development. Bhausaheb Nene Charitable Trust, Pen, founded by Hon. Adv. Shri. M. N. Nene funded this activity.

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In 2006-07 the college organized a State-level seminar on
Higher education and other service sector with special reference to GATS
On this occasion many eminent persons were present
Dr. Narendra Jadhav    Vice-Chancellor, Pune University
Dr. Rajan Velukar Vice –Chancellor , YCMOU, Nashik
Dr. Arun Sawant Pro- Vice-Chancellor, Mumbai University
Dr. Magare Director BCUD, Mumbai University
Dr. R.B.Singh  

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Class  YEAR 05-06 YEAR 06-07
F.Y. B.A. 224 -
S.Y. B.A. 190 145
T.Y. B.A. 125 158
F.Y. B.Sc 66 65
S.Y. B.Sc 75 52
T.Y. B.Sc 55 68
F.Y. B.Com. 126 126
S.Y. B.Com. 116 97
T.Y.B.Com 90 121
M.Com Part I  14 04
M.Com Part II - 05
Total 1081 1065

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Results of Degree Courses
Class    Year 06-07 Year 07-08
T.Y.B.A. 92.50% 89.49%
T.Y.B.Sc. 51.60% 66.15%
T.Y.B.Com 45.56% 42.37%
Miss Pradnya P. Keni from History Department stood FIRST in University of Mumbai, 2004-2005 and won Gold Medal.

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Some renowned alumni of the Institution

1 Mrs. Riya Dharkar President,  Municipal Council, Pen.
3 Mr. Vaikunth Patil  Member of Z.P. Leader of opposition

Mr. Shailendra Paranjpe

IT Manager,  Dusion Polymer, Mahad
5 Mr. Umakant Chaudhary 

Asst. Manager, Rallis India Ltd., Navi Mumbai.


Miss. Pragati Mhatre

Lecturer, PNP College, Alibag.
7 Mr. Kamlesh Thakur Journalist - Print Media.

Mr. Yogesh Pawar

Ranji cricket player.
9 Mr. Uday Mankawale     Social Worker & Environmentalist.
10 Dr. Manoj Koladkar Ph.D. in Chemistry from UDCT.

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total marks %
ARTS  88.37% Hindi Mhatre Sandhya Chintaman 53.33%
      History Limaye Smita Yashwant    61.66%
      Marathi Patil Savita Muralidhar  51.50%


48.65% Chemistry Athavale Vinita Vasant   71.50%
  Commerce 41.18%   Gori Vaishali Vasant 70.83%


Arts 84.72% Hindi Rajput Pragati Ganapat 60.00%
      History Patil Nayana Kashinath 63.83%
      Marathi Gavand Kesarinath Balu  40.00%


61.82%  Chemistry Sugavekar Smita Ramchandra 73.63%
  Commerce 34.69%   Ruparel Maya Chandulal 55.16%
ARTS   Hindi Mokal Vaijayanti Baliram 64.67%
      History Patil Jitendra Jayawant    63.50%
      Marathi Mhatre Santosh Mangalram  40.67%


  Chemistry Tupe Smita Krishna   66.13%
  Commerce 35.62%   Surve Dipali Suresh 53.14%


Arts 89.83% Hindi Mhatre Vilas Damodar 52.16%
      History Khetale Vaishali Gangaram 60.50%
      Marathi Athavale Viprada Gajanan  45.00%


69.64%  Chemistry Bubere Tahmina Alikhan 69.63%
  Commerce 35.62%   Indulkar Kiran Prakash 53.57%

April 1997

Arts 76.79% Hindi Patil Shilpa Suresh 60.17%
      History Patil Sunita Yashwant 60.00%
      Marathi Kulkarni Asha Subhash 45.00 %
  Science 62.26% Chemistry Shinde Snehal Kamalakar 72.12%
  Commerce 16.32%   Apte Manjiri Ramkrishna 54.57%
Arts 86.30 % Hindi Joshi Manish Gajanan 62.17%
      History More Abhijeet Suryakant
Patil Haruram Motiram
      Marathi Mankawale Uday Shankar 47.33%
      Geography Patil Shankar Pandurang 60.00%
  Science 46.16 % Chemistry Vaishampayan Meghana Sadanand 65.25%
  Commerce 24.50%   Jain Shilpa Parasmal 63.00%

April 1999

Arts 74 % Hindi Patil Rajita Eknath 61.50% 
      History Bhoir Madhuri Nandkumar 63.00%
      Marathi Omergekar Rupali Ashok 60.00%
      Geography Kamble Pramod Sitaram
Lad Rupali Madhukar
  Science 64% Chemistry Saste Trupti Ramnath 73.25 %
  Commerce  35.08%   Dhanani Akbar Abdulkarim 61.85 %
Arts 95.18% Hindi Suryavanshi Madhuri Laxman 60.00%
      History Bhoir Meena Dhanaji 66.67%
      Marathi Patil Archana Sahadev 58.00%
      Geography Chavan Dhananjay Yashwamt 60.00%
  Science 77.35% Chemistry Mhatre Sapana Subhash 70.00%
  Commerce 36.36%   Dhanani Afsin Alladin 63.14%
Arts   Hindi Patil Savita Bhaskar 61.16%
      History Mhatre Mangesh Gopal 67.67%
      Marathi More Vaijayanti Maruti 53.16%
      Geography Gharat Jyoti Pandurang 63.67%
  Science 88.10% Chemistry Mali Kunal Sangrao 78.00%
  Commerce 48.68%   Agharkar Vinaya Shrikant 60.14%
Arts 85.21% Hindi Warang Vikram Balkrishna 67.33 %
      History Dhanawade Sachin Appa 62.66 %
      Marathi Kadam Dattaram Dhondiram 54.83 %
      Geography Patil Trupti Prabhakar 60.00 %
  Science 65.38% Chemistry Dhakhave Harshala Ravindra 77.25 %
  Commerce 35.62%   Chandel Amar Ramsing 60.00 %
Arts 90.28% Hindi Patil Bhushan Madhukar 68.16%
      History Mhatre Samit Suresh 65. 00 %
      Marathi Bhoir Gautam Padmakar 54.16%
      Geography Mokal Kiran Padmakar 63.33 %
  Science 61.40% Chemistry Mone Sampada DIlip 82.87 %
  Commerce 42.02%   Jain Sapana Parasmal 80.43 %
Arts 87.34% Hindi Nagothkar Saroj Chandrakant 68.33 %
      History Keni Pradnya Poshiram 68.16 %
      Marathi Patil Nilesh Ganpat 67.00 %
      Geography Sakpal Sheetal Ramesh 64.00 %
  Science 77.05% Chemistry Akhware Raziyasultan Hasanmiya 77.63 %
  Commerce 56.62%   Modi Varsha Daulat  63.71 %
Arts 90.15 % Hindi Patil Priti Raghunath 67.33 %
      History Karnuk Swati Santosh 67.66 %
      Marathi Mhatre Reshma Anand 60.00 %
      Geography Mhatre Vinaya Chhagan 70.16 %
  Science 44.00 % Chemistry Shah Komal Ramesh 68.37 %
  Commerce 51.48  %   Gundecha Rahul Prakash 74.57 %
Arts 92.50% Hindi Singh Neeta Shivbahadur 66.83%
      History Mhatre Prajakta Hanuman 71.00%
      Marathi Mhatre Prajakta Prakash 60.50%
      Geography Patil Supriya Chandrakant 68.17%
  Science 51.60% Chemistry Dangar Anita Parashuram 74.25%
  Coomerce 45.56%   Thale Mukund Yashwant 70.43%
Arts 89.49 % Hindi Patil Pankaj Bhalchandra 67.50 %
      History Khanavkar Rupali Jagannath 69.50 %
      Marathi Adsule Nilesh Harishchandra 62.83 %
      Geography Kilanje Reshma Govind 66.33 %
  Science 66.15% Chemistry Jambhekar Smita Kisan
Patil Mangesh Janardan
75.38 %
75.38 %
  Commerce 42.37%   Shah Mamata Manoj 75.00 %

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